Thursday, November 18, 2010

Braces... and the removal of them.

So, today I went on a long journey.
To the Orthodontist's.
To remove something that I had been in possession of
for over two years.
 Very gladly did I relinquish the torturous metal contraptions
that were supposedly straightening my teeth.

And here...

Is the result...

Of over two years of appointments, faithful wearing of orthodontic bands,
and, worst of all, very little caramel corn.

However, it was quite worth it:
Two years definitely makes a difference.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

'On Cloud Nine' #3

Is there a photo that makes you happy? One that warms your heart or tells a funny story? One that puts you on cloud nine? Here's your chance to share it! Just post a picture, then link it up by midnight tomorrow over at Carlotta's blog! (You might have to scroll down to see the post... since she blogs so much. ;)

This week,
I'm entering a picture
of my almost
three-year old
sister Mariam
(Called Mae or Mari for short)
She recently found
a Cinderella dress
at a local thrift store
and promptly fell in love with it, 
had to have it

So, I took her outside to take some pictures. 
This one's my favorite, so I'm entering it in the 'on cloud nine' contest.
 A few others (That I'm not entering) are: