Thursday, October 6, 2011

For my penpal

Everyone else can just ignore this post. ;)

While writing an email to my pen-pal, I realized that all the pictures that I wanted to send would probably end up crashing my email if I attempted to send all of them.

So, here you go, my pen-pal: a blog post just for you.

Clementine as a baby (An older picture... she's turned completely black now.)

Puff as a baby

Julia with Puff

Clementine and Puff




Ben and Sam

Sam, Josiah and Ben

Me and Sam                    

Me and Julia


One of the only pictures I have of Nick - since he never lets me take pictures of him.
(That's my wallet in his pocket - hence the heart.)

And these are how all of my pictures of Jake turn out:

 Mom and Gabriel                             Mom, Ben and Gabriel

 Dad and Gabriel