Sunday, September 25, 2011

Grandpa's 87th Birthday

What do we do for Grandpa's 87th birthday?

Well, we head down to our grandparents property down in rural Southern Illinois,

which was lovingly dubbed 'Neverrest Farm' by my mom when she was a kid.

We pile ten of us into our white, fifteen-passenger van to make the hour plus drive,

having made sure that everyone has used the restroom and has shoes and socks on.

Once we get down there, everyone jumps out of the van and breathes in the cool, clean air -

It feels so good to be away from a town or a city.

What do we do then?
We fish.

There's a pond located on the property, with catfish swimming in the depths.

The little kids loved it...

  They caught quite a few fish over the course of the day...

...As well as a toad, which they named 'Howard'.

And then, we chopped down trees.


Chopped down trees?

Yes. We chopped down trees.

Every year, our relatives from Georgia drive up for Grandpa's birthday.

They don't get to come up a lot,

So they take advantage of the situation and use it to get work done.

Happy birthday, Grandpa. We love you. :)

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